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Welcome to Babysunrise

"We are as different as the colours of a sunrise and it's these differences that makes us unique and special, no matter the variety."

From birth to death and everything in between we celebrate many milestones along the way. When I came across this business concept I was sold instantly. A photo of the sunrise to signify the day you were born, got married, bought your new home, turned 18/21 etc. 

Your very own sunrise is something of a statement and talking point as well as a sentiment that is worth remembering  every time you look at your sunrise picture. They never date! It will always be the " Day You Were Born" or "The Day We Got Married"

It's also a beautiful gift to commemorate the loss of a loved one and a lovely inclusion to go with an order of service.

I'm located at Merewether and  Babysunrise is now photographing the Sunsets some days also.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of photographers that get up in the morning rain, hail or shine. Without them Babysunrise would not be possible. 

So thanks to: Scott Harrison, Andrew Murrell, Sharon Fakes, Dianne Cook and of course, original founders, Kelly and Murray (all images before 2012)

Thanks for visiting and please don't forget to like and share our Facebook page Babysunrise Photos which, the Forum Tab will take you straight to!

Jasey :) 


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